Green Drink For Better Digestion

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Hey 🙂

I wanted to talk about your digestion today.

Did you know that if you’re not regular on daily basis, it can not just prevent you from losing weight, but add on those stubborn pounds full of waste and toxins, sucking away your energy, making your skin break out and packing on cellulite? Scary, I know!

The crazy thing is so many people struggle with it in silence. Maybe, because they’re embarrassed to talk about it or, maybe, because they think, it’s normal to feel bloated and constipated after they eat. I felt that way before for so long, that it became my “normal”.

Here's the thing, every time you eat, you fuel your body with your meal's essential nutrients, and the rest is a waste. Well, that waste must be eliminated. Ideally, 1-3 times a day. Otherwise, it creates all sorts of problems: bloating, constipation, acne, cellulite, fatigue, etc.! Especially, if your regular diet consists of processed foods, simple sugars, sodas, alcohol and not enough water.

Listen, it may sound like it's hard to correct, but it's really not. You don't have to transform your lifestyle overnight to see and to feel the difference. Start small, one step at a time, one green juice a day. So many people fail by trying change their diets in a day and cut out junk "cold turkey". I think, you should start by adding great stuff to your daily regimen, every day, more and more, until there's no more place left for junk that eats you from withing.

Try this recipe that I love so much and see what happens!